All of our offices are open and ready to treat you. We are stocked with proper PPE, including FDA approved masks, gloves, and plastic face shields. We screen every person entering our offices. For your protection and ours, we implement safety and wellness fees for patients who need treatment and are committed to providing you with a safe and comfortable experience. You give us a reason to smile and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Read about how we are keeping you safe HERE.

Emergency First Visit

At Webster Dental Care, we do our best to get any emergency resolved as soon as possible. The emergency visit will consist of the usual forms followed by triage performed by one of our trained senior dental assistants.


This usually begins with a review of your health, your signs and symptoms and x-rays of the involved area. When this information is gathered, you will then meet one of the Doctors who will discuss their findings and your treatment choices.

Emergency Considerations

Please remember that an emergency visit is just a visit to determine the cause of your discomfort and an attempt to make you feel better. Please call us early in the day, make sure your schedule is flexible and arrive for your appointment on time. Also, remember that you are being worked into the schedule so that when you arrive, expect only the emergency service. On your second visit, you will receive the non-emergency service.

We pride ourselves in seeing 99% of all patients who call before noon the same day for emergency services.