We have acquired the former Chicago Dental Professionals, and we appreciate the opportunity to continue your care at our offices.
Join us in welcoming Dr. Andrew Weiss and Dr. Jon Richter to the team! Read more here.

New Patient Visit

This visit generally takes 40-60 minutes. It begins with the usual paperwork.
It is very important that you bring a list of all medications that you are taking as some of these may affect the use of certain items here at the dental office.

Digital Radiography (X-rays)

The first part of your treatment is handled by one of our trained dental assistants who will take the x-rays. There are two types of radiographs taken. The first film is a panoramic view and shows a scan of your entire jaw area. We use this film to scan for lesions, tumors, abscesses and other problems.

The second part of the radiographs are called bite wing x-rays and are used to look for cavities between your teeth. Of course, we use digital radiography at Webster Dental Care for these films to insure that you are receiving the best quality x-ray with less than one-third of the radiation of older x-ray machines.

Leading Technology

We pride ourselves in being one of the first dental offices in the world to embrace this technology and we are still one of the few in the area to offer this service.

Treatment Plan & Insurance Consultation

At the conclusion of the appointment one of the Doctors will come in and meet you, review your desires and the findings and do a second exam. At the conclusion of the appointment, you will be given your treatment plan. If you would like, you can meet with our insurance coordinator to see how your insurance may help you with the costs of your treatment.

Exam and Cleaning

After x-rays, the first oral exam begins and the findings are recorded into our state-of-the-art computer software.

At this point in your visit you will meet our dental hygienist who will review the preliminary findings as well as your concerns and desires. If your mouth is in good dental health, she will also do the cleaning or prophylaxis at this time.

Book an Appointment

If you have immediate concerns or problems or if you need to change your appointment within one business day, please call the office where you have scheduled your appointment.

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