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Dr. Aman Kaur

Dr. Aman Kaur

Dr. Aman Kaur


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Dr. Aman Kaur’s journey in dentistry began in Mumbai, where she earned her BDS degree before embarking on an international move to the US in 2017. Seeking to deepen her expertise, she undertook an orthodontic internship and engaged in research at UT Health in San Antonio. This experience laid the groundwork for her eventual residency in Prosthodontics at New York University, a significant milestone in her pursuit of dental excellence, completed in 2023.

Dr. Kaur’s specialization encompasses intricate aspects of dental care, particularly crown, bridges, and implant restorations, reflecting her commitment to advancing smiles and overall oral health. Fluent in both English and Hindi, she values effective communication to ensure her patients feel at ease and well-informed throughout their dental journeys.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Dr. Aman Kaur finds joy in culinary arts, dedicating her free time to the pleasures of cooking. Her love for exploration extends to travel, providing a well-rounded balance to her life as a passionate dental professional and an enthusiast of diverse experiences.


BDS degree

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Orthodontic internship and engaged in research at UT Health in San Antonio