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Bruxism Appliance

This appliance has been recommended to you because you are showing signs of damage to your teeth because of bruxism or tooth grinding. Bruxism is often done while you sleep in the REM stage and is often attributed to stress. It can progress to further complications beyond the loss of tooth structure and ultimately lead to TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) problems.

The appliance is fabricated on models of your mouth that were made from custom molds. It consists of hard plastic that is vacuum formed to the model of the upper teeth. The tow models are then related on a device called a hinge articulator which imitates jaw movement and biting surface is ground such that you cannot put excessive pressure on any one tooth. The plastic is not quite as hard as enamel, so when you grind you will wear out the appliance before you further damage your dentition.

The appliance should be worn every night and during the day if you are actively stressing and clenching your teeth. It should be brushed and cleaned daily with your toothbrush and should be left moist when not in the mouth. Always bring the appliance with you when you get your teeth cleaned so that we can check it out.