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Smile On Implants

Smile On Implants


1. My dentist told me I do not have enough bone for implants.
In the majority of cases, we are able to place 4 implants and restore a full arch of teeth without bone grafting. We use computer guided techniques, which allows us to plan the placement of each implant to make maximum use of your existing bone, avoiding bone grafting.

2. I have been wearing dentures for many years. Do I have enough bone?
In most cases, yes there is adequate bone for implant placement. Our 3D scan will verify this.

3. “Can this really be done in one day?”
The surgery, placement of your implants, and your going home teeth (temporary bridge), are completed in just one day. We have the entire team in one place on site. There is a work-up appointment so we can make our measurements and discuss your new smile with you. We want to know how you would like your new smile to look.
After that just as with any implant surgery, you must heal. That takes anywhere from 3-6 months. Then we fabricate your new final bridge on your implants.
There are some post-operative visits to make sure you are healing well.

4. Is the permanent (FINAL) bridge included in my original price?
Yes, the fees that will be discussed with you at your consultation are all inclusive.

5. Will I have to have more than 1 surgery?
No, there is typically only one day of surgery.

6.What if an implant fails?
We will remove it and replace it at no cost to you.

7. How can my remaining teeth be removed and all of that done in 1 day?
Your implant consultant, Dorian will be happy to answer all of your questions and explain in detail how we accomplish the procedure at your consultation appointment. This appointment is at no cost to you.

8. How is Webster Dental different from ClearChoice or EON?
Webster Dental is owned and run by one local dentist. We are not a big box treatment facility or a corporate owned clinic. They cannot offer you continuing treatment for any remaining natural teeth. Additionally Webster Dental is truly a full service dental facility where we provide care for your entire family and all their dental needs, including children.

9. What brand dental implants do you use?
We use implants from The Straumann Implant Company for the Smiles on Implant procedure.
“Why” We want to give our patients the best outcome available by only using a quality dental implant that can last a lifetime.

10. Has Webster Dental and Webster Dental Doctors have been doing (offering) the Smiles on Implant for a long time.
Our doctors who will be working with you are very experienced with the Smiles on Implant procedure and dental implants.